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109 Sierra Street, El Segundo, CA 90245



Bundy Residence


Los Angeles, CA




Located in a hillside area in Los Angeles, CA this lot encompasses two acres with an existing home on the property.  The lot was subdivided into three parcels: A, B and C.  Phase I included the remodeling and addition to the existing home; Phase II includes the design of a home for the clients; and Phase III is the development of a single family home to be sold at a later date.  The site had a beautiful canyon view, however, the proximity of the adjacent home to the north and the ones across the street interfered with the privacy of the site. The site had a beautiful canyon view with expansive views.  A house was built on the flat area close to the street while maximum privacy was maintained from the street.  Second challenge was to design a three-story structure which maintains a two-story appearance from the street to satisfy the Neighborhood Association’s desire.  A curved front property wall becomes a part of the structure. 





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