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Los Angeles CA

Location:       Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Type:             Mixed-Use


the project site is located at the southeast corner of Crenshaw boulevard and rodeo road.  This plan imposes some design requirements and allows for and promotes mixed use development, including residential and retail uses and pedestrian friendly storefront designs. The site is located immediately south from the expo/Crenshaw station. The developer is proposing a mixed-use project comprised of 577 residential units totaling 555,141 square feet and several commercial spaces, intended for restaurant and various retail including a grocery store, totaling 93,016 square feet in area.


The project site is currently vacant. The proposed mixed-use development essentially covers this trapezoid-shaped project site, while still providing generous open space areas and pedestrian passageways. A one-level subterranean parking garage is accessed via one two-way driveway and one one-way driveway. The commercial spaces, several smaller retail spaces fronting Crenshaw Boulevard and Rodeo Road, public open space, and the required commercial parking spaces occupy the entire site’s ground level. Five five-story, zigzag-shaped structures containing the residential units are situated in a parallel pattern on the concrete podium. These residential structures are about 40 feet apart from each other, featuring several significant and inviting courtyards utilized as common open spaces for the residents. The courtyards extend in a wavy pattern from west (Crenshaw Boulevard) toward east (adjacent residential neighborhood,) maximizing the porosity of the complex. Project amenities such as gymnasium, residents’ community room, and outdoor swimming pool are located in the westerly open space which is accessed by residents via the podium level. Additional common open spaces consist of outdoor seating and landscaping to be enjoyed by the project’s residents or guests walking through the courtyards.

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