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Glendale, CA

Location:       Lexington Drive, Glendale, CA
Type:             Mixed-Use



The Project Site is located in the central portion of the City of Glendale. The Project Site consists of two parcels (Parcels A and B) and two addresses that make up approximately 3.18 acres combined.The Project Site is located at 201 West Lexington Drive and 418 N. Central Avenue within the Orange Central District of the Downtown Specific Plan.


The Project applicant is proposing to develop a live/work community in the downtown area of the City of Glendale. The Project would consist of four multistory buildings (Buildings A, B, C, and D) up to 8 stories high. The Project Site would include extensive ground level open space, including a central courtyard and pedestrian paseos that bisect the Project Site in all four directions and divide the Project Site into roughly four quads. Each of the Project’s Buildings would be provided in each of the four quads. Building A is an existing structure located in the southeastern portion of the site that would be adapted for reuse and incorporated into the Project, while Buildings B, C, and D would be newly constructed buildings.  Combined, the four buildings will contain approximately 540 live/work units and 4,200 square feet of commercial space. The live/work area will be a total of approximately 618,460 square feet (including amenities) and the live/work units will include a combination of studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and loft floor plans. The commercial space will be provided within Building B and will be designed to accommodate retail banking with the intent to accommodate a Citibank retail bank, as Citibank will vacate their existing on-site building space during demolition and construction of the Project buildings. Two drive-thru bank automated teller machines (ATMs), to replace the existing drive-through ATMs, will also be accommodated in Building B.

There would be 113,100 square feet of common and private open space, consisting of a public ground-level central courtyard and pedestrian paseos; resident common open space consisting of rooftop parks, pools, and gardens; and private balconies for each live/work unit.

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